You probably already know that number of users of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices with touch screens is growing daily. As a result, we may expect more and more people who are accessing our web sites equipped with touch screens rather then mouses and keyboards. Hot Swipe Carousel rotates slides that may contain any HTML content (images, text, etc.) and it allows users to change slides by dragging them on the screen to the left or to the right.

This module allows you to create up to 20 slides. It's possible to use multiple instances of this module on the same page. As you can see, we are using it twice on the home page of Hot Startup template demo. It's used for the main carousel on the top and for the testimonials carousel on the bottom area.

Each slide can contain optional heading and any HTML content. You can enable and disable navigational elements, such as left/right arrows and dots.

Finally, as you probably assumed, this module is 100% responsive. It will change its width according to the available screen space.


All buyers of this template will get Hot Swipe Carousel module FREE (regular price is $15).

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