Hot Slicebox is another responsive slideshow module by HotThemes. With an unique transition effect based on rotation of three-dimensional boxes and a lot of parameters, it will be a very useful module in our collection. This module supports up to 20 slots that you can fill up with images, with or without textual boxes. Each image can be linked. You can select number of slicing boxes for transition animation, as well as orientation (horizontal or vertical). This is responsive module which means that you can use it whenever you are about to develop a responsive website (optimized for mobile screens).

Сделано с Любовью

Bouquet of flowers

Выбирая букет цветов в нашей студии Вы получаете безупречный дизайн и пожелание успеха и любви флориста. Каждый цветочная композиция "от чистого сердца".

Облако тегов

Популярные Товары

Мы сделали для Вас подборку самых актуальных цветочных композиция нашей студии Флористики.

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